N64 Facility Bathroom - aka "Fort John"

The Raid of Fort John is a made-up multiplayer mission for GoldenEye 007 for N64. It involves one player against all others at the bottleneck of the bathroom in the Facility (hence Fort "John").


  • Map: Facility
  • Mode: Golden Gun
  • Paintball Mode Optional


The objective is to be the man with the Golden Gun and protect Fort John. At the start all players attempt to retrieve the Golden Gun from the Bathroom. Once someone does, the other players team up to form various strategies to take down the Golden Gun player. The Golden Gun player cannot leave the bathroom. If someone spawns in the air duct, he is either killed on sight by the Golden Gun player, or a truce is allowed for him to carefully leave the bathroom without taking anything or attacking the Golden Gun player. Once the Golden Gun player is eliminated, the process repeats with the next person.


The idea for this game originated with Jonathan, when it was discovered that the Golden Gun only spawns in the bathroom. It was later rediscovered and refined by Matt and Sean.